[FPSPACE] astonishing changes in Reaction Engines website

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Dec 5 15:11:14 EST 2016

  About once every two months I skim through the Reaction Engines website
in case there is some incremental change or event update.
What an astonishing end-to-end change greeted me today!

    Clearly, corporate marketing types have taken control & banished what
they see as space cadet visionaries.

   All the animated videos of Skylon have been reduced to one still image.
Even LAPCAT get only about two mentions. The site now markets Reaction
Engines as a maker of high-efficiency heat exchangers for industrial use,
with no necessary connection to space. The site also heavily markets the
manufacturing capabilities of RE for sale to all interested companies.

     Experience does show that companies who manufacture space components &
sub-systems have a better survival rate when they also market their
technology & capabilities for non-space customers, eg, medical sensors, etc.

    But I also notice that all those RE claims made at IACs & other venues
that Skylon will fly to orbit starting in 2020 have now been scaled back to
merely a critical engine test in 2020. Does that remind anyone of the
schedules announced over the decades by Virgin Galactic & SpaceX?

- Keith.
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