[FPSPACE] First Vostochny Rocket Launch Successful

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Thanks Keith,

In the years around and beyond 2025, Vostochniy will become one of the busiest cosmodrome.
Until these times Baykonur will remain as the main space port of Russia mostly due to use of the Proton rockets and the Soyuz manned flights.
Around 2025 it is expected Proton (two launch pads at Baykonur) to be replaced by Angara rockets (with launch pads at Plesetsk and from 2018 at Vostochniy)
Also, in the same time Soyuz spacecraft (two launch pads at Baykonur) will be replaced by Federation spacecraft (one Angara launch pad at Vostochniy).
First unmanned flight of the Federation spacecraft is planned in 2021, with manned mission to the ISS in 2023.
Soon after 2025, if all goes well, Federation will be launched to the Moon, so Angara launch pad will serve for some time as a single Russian manned lunar launch platform (until the third launch pad at Vostochniy for a 100-t class rocket is constructed).

Prior to that, very important step in transition of launch services from Baykonur to Vostochniy will be commercialisation of Angara rockets.
As known, ILS has already announced commercial use of light Angara from 2018, as the beginning of commercial use of Soyuz-2 rockets from Vostochniy may happen before 2018.
Also, Roscosmos is transforming its launch fleet. Soyuz-U (Progress launcher) is retiring, as around 2020 Soyuz-FG (launcher of the Soyuz spacecraft) will be replaced by Soyuz 2.1.
Basically, from 2025 we can expect only family of Soyuz-2/CT (including future Soyuz-5/Phoenix) and Angara rockets to remain in service.
This optimisation of the Russian rocket families is crucial for transition of launch services from Baykonur to Vostochniy.

About economy, totally agree – Vostochniy and the new city of Tsiolkovskiy are projects of strategic importance for Russia.
Also, for long-term reinforcement of human resources in the space industry. For example, in development of new cosmodrome hundreds of young students and graduates from the air-space universities in European part of Russia have been engaged.
Most of them will be employed at Vostochniy, changing demographic structure of the Russian Far East regions.

Combining these two elements, in addition to space strategies, President Putin strengths economy and demographics of the Russian Far East regions.

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   this means Russia has succeeded in its political & economic intentions.

   Political: it is founding a town of another 25 000 permanent residents & its cosmodrome, to deter anyone in China from reviving talk of the Unequal Treaties & return of the Trans-Amur territories. We can also expect probably annual visits by Russia's president or prime minister to Vladivostok in future.

  Economic: never again can the Kazakh Government raise the rent on Baikonyur when the current arrangements expire. They can only hope they won't be left single-handed in maintaining the world's biggest cosmodrome.

- Keith.

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Watch out for UFO reports from transpolar commercial airliners!!

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After a delay from the day previous, the first Soyuz rocket launch from Vostochny just happened.  It appears to be well on its way to a successful orbital insertion.

Information via Twitter tweet feeds I am getting.  This also includes Antaoly Zak’s tweets as well.

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