[FPSPACE] First Vostochny Rocket Launch Successful

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Thu Apr 28 10:01:14 EDT 2016


   this means Russia has succeeded in its political & economic

   Political: it is founding a town of another 25 000 permanent
residents & its cosmodrome, to deter anyone in China from reviving talk
of the Unequal Treaties & return of the Trans-Amur territories. We can
also expect probably annual visits by Russia's president or prime
minister to Vladivostok in future.

  Economic: never again can the Kazakh Government raise the rent on
Baikonyur when the current arrangements expire. They can only hope they
won't be left single-handed in maintaining the world's biggest

- Keith.

>>>  04/28/16 6:57 AM >>>
Watch out for UFO reports from transpolar commercial airliners!! 

From: "Peter Pesavento" 
To: "fpspace" 
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 9:18:29 PM
Subject: [FPSPACE] First Vostochny Rocket Launch Successful

After a delay from the day previous, the first Soyuz rocket launch from
Vostochny just happened.  It appears to be well on its way to a
successful orbital insertion.
Information via Twitter tweet feeds I am getting.  This also includes
Antaoly Zak’s tweets as well.

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