[FPSPACE] About Chinese Manned Related Launch Plans in 2016 and Liu Boming

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On one of the ceremonies celebrating for the first time Chinese Day of Cosmonautics (24 April - when China launched its first satellite), the Chief Engineer of manned spacecraft Chzhou Tzyan Pin provided manned related launch plans in 2016:

*         June - fist launch of rocket CZ-7

*         September - launch of space laboratory Tiangong-2

*         October - launch of Shenzhou-11 (SZ) with two cosmonauts to spend 30 days aboard Tiangong-2.

It is still not known who are the crewmembers of SZ-11.
On the NK's web (section "Forum" - "Chinese Cosmonauts") two photos were published showing all Chinese veteran-cosmonauts celebrating the Cosmonautic Day - except Liu Bo Ming (Liu Boming).


This may mean that Major-General Liu could not attend ceremonies, either due to trainings for the SZ-11 mission, or he had a very strong reason not related to upcoming mission for abstinence.
Interestingly, in March Liu has been seen accompanying group of the visitors of the Chinese Cosmonaut Training Centre.
That is not typical duty for cosmonauts in the last stage of mission trainings.
During that tour, he was casually dressed (not as other active taykonauts in standard space or military costumes).
It's hard to say if that means Liu is not any more an active cosmonaut, but these two details have a certain message.
I still think he will be commanding the next Chinese space mission.

Also in her last interview in the eve of the Chinese Cosmonautic Day, Liu Yang said that she and Wang Yaping continue trainings for the future space missions.
As known, China is not planning second manned mission to Tiangong-2 in 2017.
If all goes well, next flight of Shenzhou spacecraft (SZ-12) should take place in 2018 with docking to the core module of the Chinese Space Station.



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