[FPSPACE] Luna Glob delayed into mid-2019

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>From Interfax via Russian Behind the Headlines




Russia may delay lunar mission until mid-2019

April 20, 2016  <http://rbth.com/author/Interfax> INTERFAX


The first mission of Russia's lunar program, Luna-Globe, may be moved until
the middle of 2019, a source from the rocket and space industry told

"The spacecraft launch has been preliminarily scheduled for July-August
2019," he said.

The spacecraft is due to be assembled in October 2016 and tested in late
2018 - early 2019, the source said.

The Luna-Globe mission was originally scheduled for late 2018. The first
five spacecraft will be sent to the Moon from Vostochny.

The federal space program for 2016-2025 assigns 38.6 billion rubles for
lunar studies.

According to the program, five spacecraft will fly to the Moon to study its
south pole from orbit and on the ground and to deliver lunar soil samples to
the Earth.

The first launch from Vostochny is planned for April 27. A Soyuz-2.1a rocket
will put into orbit Aist-2D and Mikhailo Lomonosov satellites and a
SamSat-218 nano-satellite.

The construction of the Vostochny space center began in the Amur region in
2010 on an area of approximately 700 square kilometers.

It was planned to inaugurate Vostochny with the first launch in December
2015. President Vladimir Putin proposed in mid-October 2015 to move the
launch until the following year.


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