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A news release from Kiel University. Here are the key extracts:
Kiel University is going to fly behind the moon,  
Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu  Kiel         14 April 2016 
This week  the announcement came that one of Kiel University's instruments 
would be on  board the next Chinese mission to the moon, Chang'E 4. "Kiel 
University is going  to fly behind the moon!" said Jia Yu excitedly, a 
doctoral candidate at the  Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics. Born in 
China, he will obtain his  doctoral degree at Kiel University in a few months 
and then take over the  project "Lunar Lander Neutron Dosimetry" (LND). 
"We weren't sure if we would be able to implement a project like this one  
from Kiel with our colleagues at the National Space Science Center in 
Beijing",  Yu reported. 
Now that the decision has been made, the team, led by Professor Robert  
Wimmer-Schweingruber, faces a major task. Within one year, the physicists in  
Kiel want to develop, build and mount the new LND experiment on the 
spaceship.  In the final quarter of 2018, this should then fly to the moon. 

The fourth Chinese mission to the moon aims to land on the side of the moon 
 facing away from the Earth. The scientific data from the Lander and the 
Rover,  which will then accommodate further experiments by international 
research teams,  should then be sent to Earth via a relay satellite. The 
Kiel-based experiment  will measure radiation on the moon in preparation for future 
manned missions to  the moon and - if all goes well - also measure the water 
content of the ground  beneath the landing unit. 
"To do this, we will be using a new  technology developed for space to 
provide evidence of so-called thermal  neutrons", said Wimmer-Schweingruber. 
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