[FPSPACE] Russian film about the Salyut 7 rescue mission by the Soyuz T-13 crew

Carlos Herranz cherranzd at cofis.es
Thu Apr 14 07:20:27 EDT 2016

A new film has just been announced by Roscosmos on their Facebook page:

Judging by what the interesting video shows about the making of the film 
it seems to be a great effort, although not devoid of some 

Automatic more-or-less translation:

"As early as next year on the big screens will be released film 
"Salyut-7. The Story of a feat", which tells about the salvation of the 
legendary Soviet space station.

Shortly before the Cosmonautics Day KinoPoisk went to the set of the 
film "Salyut 7", talking about the salvation of the legendary station. 
Director Klim Shipenko and main roles actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov and 
Paul Derevianko told us how in space tapes combine truth and fiction, 
how to shoot the scene in weightlessness and why they dream of being 

Carlos Herranz

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