[FPSPACE] 55 years ago...Symbol of the Cenutry

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For many years generation of kids in Serbia (and other parts of ex-Yugoslavia) have been educated about Gagarin's historic flight (not now).
I still have fresh memories of Gagarin's story from the primary school's textbook, especially his inspirational speech before the launch and description of landing.
Many years later I found there was no actually speech at the launch pad.
Also, that real identity of a woman and her granddaughter who first saw Gagarin at the landing site was different.
And finally that Gagarin, seeing them frightened by his strange appearance could not remove his helmet - as said in the story (Vostok cosmonauts had fixed helmets).

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On 4/12/16 7:53 PM, Peter Pesavento wrote:
April 12, 1961.

First man, first Human to orbit the Earth. Returned safely.

I stayed up all night following the flight until around 5 am when I heard he landed safely.


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