[FPSPACE] FW: 'Science' on Russia's lunar/planetary plans

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It may be simple to check.

Find out what the Russian press outlets were stating in the last quarter of
last year about what the budget ROSCOSMOS was asking for was.  And from
there, we should have the accurate answer.


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...or the source was the same...

without independent confirmation from a completely unrelated source, the
jury is still out  -- at least, this used to be standard journalism practice

which does not mean that Igor is wrong, of course


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Thanks JimO for posting this URL link.

Wait a minute.this article states the same thing as that article from Moscow
Times (I had posted to fpspace list serv on March 17) that Igor Lissov
castigated, in regards to the 70% reduction in funds from 3.4 trillion to
1.4 trillion rubles:



In January, the Russian government approved a 10-year plan crafted by
Russia's space agency, RosCosmos, covering everything from contributions to
the International Space Station to weather and navigation satellites and
human space exploration. About 15% of the spending would go to "basic
physics in space," says Zelenyi, a plasma physicist. But the plan is
considerably leaner than expected. With the government's coffers squeezed by
low oil prices, RosCosmos has had to slash its budget for the 10-year plan
to 1.4 trillion rubles ($20.5 billion), down from the 3.4 trillion rubles
the agency asked for a year ago.


So the statistics were accurate that the Moscow Times quoted.
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