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> Has anybody heard of this architect who claims to have designed the interiors of Soviet manned spacecraft since soyuz? 

Here is her website: http://space-architect.com/en/

And a book about her work was published in September 2015:

Galina Balashova: Architect of the Soviet Space Programme
by Philipp Meuser

> This publication on the work of the Russian architect Galina Balashova presents a unique collection of designs for Soviet cosmonautics. These include plans and design drawings for both Soyuz capsules and space stations such as Salyut and Mir. Balashova acted as a consultant to the Buran programme, the Soviet equivalent of the US American Space Shuttle. Faced with the duty of demonstrating architectural creativity in manned space capsules, Balashova’s remarkable accomplishments when entrusted with this unprecedented task make an impressive read.
> Striving for harmony and beauty, the architect strikes an emotional chord in the high-tech world of propulsion rockets, laboratories and survival equipment. Therefore, it is due to Balashova’s talent that a unique chapter has been added to Soviet architectural history. Her exceptional achievements, including designs for medals and emblems, are still scarcely known today – even in Russia. Galina Balashova currently lives in Korolyov, near Moscow.

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