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That letter is a hoot, particularly when you get to the part about hauling around bags of stolen money in a Lexus!

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Via colleague Pavel Podvig, and his blog.  There are some links to other materials if one clicks on the links in the article if you visit the original report by Pavel.

He confirms that the new Putin-era ASAT is indeed called NUDOL.


What I think what may happen is that the USA will make a public demonstration of their own sometime in the future where ASAT, or counter-ASAT technologies will be demonstrated….

Russia tests Nudol anti-satellite system<http://russianforces.org/blog/2016/04/russia_tests_nudol_anti-satell.shtml>

Back in December 2015, Bill Gertz reported<http://freebeacon.com/national-security/russia-conducts-successful-flight-test-of-anti-satellite-missile/> on a "the first successful flight test of a new anti-satellite missile." According to Gertz's source in the Pentagon, the test, conducted on November 18, 2015, was a third (and the first successful) test of a system known as Nudol. It is said to be a direct-ascent ASAT system.

The name Nudol appeared a few times in various reports over the last few years, so it is not entirely new. This report<http://www.avangard-plastik.ru/data/pages/22/0/godotchet_2012.pdf> says that parts of the Nudol project are carried out by the Novator design bureau in Ekaterinburg. Another<http://oborona.adm-nao.ru/media/uploads/userfiles/2015/04/17/13.04-17.04.pdf> suggests that Almaz-Antey acts as the lead developer and the missile is known as 14A042. (A search for "14А042" returns a link to a very interesting letter<http://www.cleanwater-e.ru/Klein.pdf>, but you have to know Russian to fully appreciate it. In brief, it's a colorful complaint about four bolts that didn't quite fit specifications.)

There is, in fact, an image<http://militaryrussia.ru/blog/topic-806.html> to come with the name, although it is difficult to say how close this image is to the real thing.

There is not much more to report today beyond what Bill Gertz wrote in December. But there are a few interesting details. First, the system that is being tested in indeed Nudol. At this point, however, the tests do not involve a kill vehicle - these are tests of the launcher. Given the Novator role it is safe to assume that the launcher uses solid-propellant motors. The missiles are launched from the Plesetsk test site with burnout stages falling somewhere in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug<https://www.google.ch/maps/place/Nenets+Autonomous+Okrug,+Russia/@67.9020162,45.5498866,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x44f84d38dbfa33c7:0xd9fdf504a51e8f22>.

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