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The Kommersant newspaper reports that Sea Launch will soon be sold to
Vladislav Filev, co-owner of S7 Airlines, one of Russia's biggest domestic
airlines. A final deal is expected to be closed in May. Filev has a
background in rocketry. He graduated from the Mozhaiskiy military space
academy in 1985 and served as an engineer for the Strategic Rocket Forces
from 1985 to 1993. Kommersant's source says he can only make Sea Launch
profitable if they perform at least five launches a year. He will have to
look for another rocket than the Zenit (probably Angara A3) and find a new
home base for Sea Launch.


(article in Russian)



Bart Hendrickx


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You've probably noticed interview of Igor Komarov about the Federal Space
Programme 2016-2025 published on the Roskosmos' web page.

Mr Komarov mentioned that the Sea Launch cosmodrome has been sold. The new
owner and details will be published before end of April. 


After problems with the Ukrainian Zenith rocket and issues between RKK
"Energiya" and Boeing it was matter of time when Russia would sell the Sea

Idea to develop Angara A3 rocket for Sea Launch was one of options explored
mostly in relation to the joint initiatives around the Brazilian Ancantara

The new investor may be from the US, Europe, China or, which is from my
perspective very interesting - Australia!

For prolonged time an investor from the UEA was also in the game.


Considering issues around the Zenith rocket, complex ownership structure
between three countries, uncertainty around medium- to long-term launch
market for the Zenith type of payloads and massive reduction of Roskosmos'
10-year budget this decision was expectable.






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