[FPSPACE] The last launch of the Saturn I 50 Years ago today

Andrew LePage drew at drewexmachina.com
Thu Jul 30 10:36:49 EDT 2015

As most spaceflight observers are aware, launch vehicle failures are 
almost inevitable. And during the early days of the Space Age, failures 
were even more common especially during the early development flights of 
a new rocket. The first notable exception was NASA's Saturn I. Today's 
post on Drew Ex Machina tells the story of the last Saturn I launched 50 
years ago today on July 28, 1965. With an unprecedented ten successes in 
ten launch attempts, the Saturn I paved the way for the successes of the 
upgraded Saturn IB and its big brother, the Saturn V, which ultimately 
sent Apollo to the Moon.


Drew LePage

Andrew J. LePage
Physicist & Writer


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