[FPSPACE] TsNIImash senior scientist Vladimir Lapygin arrested for 'treason'

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Thu Jul 30 06:31:21 EDT 2015

In Russia & Egypt the accused are seated inside the courtroom literally in a cage, even wire mesh over the top, just like a wild animal in a zoo.  Humiliating & degrading on the TV news I have viewed. I do not know how many other countries also follow this practice.

- Keith

>>> "Robert G Kennedy III, PE"  07/29/15 10:31 PM >>>
Kinda spooky to be hauled into a court named after a notorious prison 
(Lefortovo, I presume the placenames refer to the same thing).

How ironic that he might be cooling his heels in the same prison his 
fellow alumnus* S.P. Korolev spent some time at, before being shipped 
off to the sunny fleshpots of Kolyma.

*Korolev graduated from Moscow Bauman also.


On 2015-07-29 12:00, fpspace-request at mail.friends-partners.org wrote:

> Moscow's Lefortovskiy District Court has extended the arrest of 
> scientist
> Vladimir Lapygin charged with treason, the court's spokesperson 
> Yuliya
> Skotnikova told RIA Novosti (part of the state-owned International 
> News
> Agency Rossiya Segodnya) on 28 July.
> "Last time his house arrest was extended until 13 September. The
> defendant did not appeal the extension of his measure of restraint," 
> she
> added.
> Skotnikova also said that Lapygin, who was a lecturer at the Moscow 
> State
> Technical University named after Bauman, was detained in May 2015.
> The case against Lapygin is classified as "secret", so no further 
> details
> have been made available, RIA Novosti reported.
> A source familiar with the situation told privately-owned news agency
> Interfax that "Lapygin is accused of transferring confidential
> information abroad", adding that the scientist worked in the Central
> Research Institute of Machine Building, the main research institute 
> of
> the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos).
> Earlier in July the court put under arrest three other Russian 
> citizens
> charged with treason: Viktor Shura, Yevgeniy Chistov and Maksim
> Lyudomirskiy.
> Sources: RIA Novosti (MIA Rossiya Segodnya), Moscow, in Russian 0620 
> gmt
> 28 Jul 15; Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0400 gmt 28 Jul 
> 15
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> arrested
> for 'treason'
> Septuagenarian Russian Academic Accused of State Treason
> The Moscow Times
> Jul. 28 2015 14:51
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> [1]
> A 74-year-old Russian academic has been placed under house arrest on
> suspicion of committing state treason, the Interfax news agency 
> reported
> Tuesday.
> Vladimir Lapygin, an employee of the Central Research Institute of
> Machine Building (TsNIImash), is accused of passing secret 
> information
> abroad, Interfax cited an unnamed source with knowledge of the case 
> as
> saying.

Robert G Kennedy III, PE

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