[FPSPACE] TsNIImash senior scientist Vladimir Lapygin arrested for 'treason'

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Russia has passed a number of laws recently that are designed to discourage, if not completely stifle, contacts with the West in general and the US in particular. Current restrictions on NGOs are a good example.

As a broad range of situations attest (most notably to Westerners - Khodorkovsky & now Navalny), "law" is a slippery concept in Russia. One can be arrested, tried, and convicted of anything or nothing at all. 

Korolev was different. He was one of millions caught up in the GULAG. The scientists were gathered together to continue their studies (under much less salubrious conditions, but better than other political prisoners, who mostly died doing slave labor in Siberia). Best described by Solzhenitsyn in "The First Circle."


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As I understand it [updates needed]. the difficulty faced by this space expert, and its relevance to our activities, is that 'material helpful to hostile forces' is anon-defined category that the government simply decrees, and is not subject to court inquiry. In the US, material is labeled as to classification level and specific people are designated custodians of it, and are subject to legal penalties if they renege on their defined obligations with specific items. It's apparently much broader under Russian criminal law, and somebody who doesn't even know something is considered 'secret' [because it's not marked as such] or has no idea how some no-Russian can exploit that material against the interests of Russia, is still guilty of treason when the government simply says that's what has happened. Can anybody clarify?

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Kinda spooky to be hauled into a court named after a notorious prison
(Lefortovo, I presume the placenames refer to the same thing).

How ironic that he might be cooling his heels in the same prison his
fellow alumnus* S.P. Korolev spent some time at, before being shipped
off to the sunny fleshpots of Kolyma.

*Korolev graduated from Moscow Bauman also.


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> Moscow's Lefortovskiy District Court has extended the arrest of
> scientist
> Vladimir Lapygin charged with treason, the court's spokesperson
> Yuliya
> Skotnikova told RIA Novosti (part of the state-owned International
> News
> Agency Rossiya Segodnya) on 28 July.
> "Last time his house arrest was extended until 13 September. The
> defendant did not appeal the extension of his measure of restraint,"
> she
> added.
> Skotnikova also said that Lapygin, who was a lecturer at the Moscow
> State
> Technical University named after Bauman, was detained in May 2015.
> The case against Lapygin is classified as "secret", so no further
> details
> have been made available, RIA Novosti reported.
> A source familiar with the situation told privately-owned news agency
> Interfax that "Lapygin is accused of transferring confidential
> information abroad", adding that the scientist worked in the Central
> Research Institute of Machine Building, the main research institute
> of
> the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos).
> Earlier in July the court put under arrest three other Russian
> citizens
> charged with treason: Viktor Shura, Yevgeniy Chistov and Maksim
> Lyudomirskiy.
> Sources: RIA Novosti (MIA Rossiya Segodnya), Moscow, in Russian 0620
> gmt
> 28 Jul 15; Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0400 gmt 28 Jul
> 15
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> arrested
> for 'treason'
> Septuagenarian Russian Academic Accused of State Treason
> The Moscow Times
> Jul. 28 2015 14:51
> Last edited 14:51
> [1]
> A 74-year-old Russian academic has been placed under house arrest on
> suspicion of committing state treason, the Interfax news agency
> reported
> Tuesday.
> Vladimir Lapygin, an employee of the Central Research Institute of
> Machine Building (TsNIImash), is accused of passing secret
> information
> abroad, Interfax cited an unnamed source with knowledge of the case
> as
> saying.

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