[FPSPACE] 50 Years Ago: The Mission of Zond 3

Andrew LePage drew at drewexmachina.com
Mon Jul 27 20:45:10 EDT 2015

A half a century ago in the wake of the successful Mariner 4 flyby of 
Mars (and the failure of Zond 2), the Soviet Union launched Zond 3 on an 
engineering test flight of the spacecraft they hoped to launch to Venus 
in less than four months. As part of this test, Zond 3 flew by the Moon 
and secured spectacular images of the previously unseen parts of the 
lunar far side. Today's post on Drew Ex Machina provides a link to a new 
article published in "The Space Review" which presents the story of this 
unique mission as well as the histories of its less successful predecessors.


Drew LePage

Andrew J. LePage
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