[FPSPACE] Zond 6 redux - choice of test animals

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Jul 27 16:23:46 EDT 2015

Speaking subject to correction, medical researchers regard primates as closest to humans; pigs also for hearts, livers & some other aspects.
    My guess is that the Zond researchers chose these small steppe tortoises (not turtles!) for practical reasons. If a tortoise is well fed & then placed in a dark container, it might snooze for two or three days. So you do not have to worry about providing food and water in weightlessness. Even more important, you do not have to worry about urine & excrement floating around weightlessly and suffocating your test animal.  I suppose you could fit a tortoise with a nappy stuck on the back of its shell with duct tape.  But the less probability of complications, the better. Vot can go wrong, VILL go wrong.

     You would also not want a wild tortoise who would tear at everything, panic-stricken, but domesticated tortoises used to handling.

yours, Keith.

>>> "Peter Pesavento"  07/27/15 3:57 PM >>>
Thanks for the elucidations on the potential biologicalpayloads for Zond 6.  
And now, a linked question (if anyone knows the answer,please hold forth):
What type of critter would be most advantageous to use totest for radiobiological effects, reentry stress, and bone decalcificationissues?  (Especially on a circumlunar journey such as a Zond mission.)
Would turtles do that?
Would rabbits do that?
Would dogs do that?
Other kinds of creatures?
Thanks in advance for your responses.

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