[FPSPACE] Zond's tortoises

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Jul 27 07:28:08 EDT 2015


    alas; 2 out of 3 Zond payloads of steppe tortoises were killed at the end of their circumlunar flight.

    One cargo did survive, successfully winched out of the Indian Ocean. I remember seeing on the internet, perhaps a decade ago, a photo of a tiny tortoise held between a hand and a thumb, looking up anxiously at the photographer.

   Perhaps if you google under "Zond  tortoise image" or variants, you can still trace this photo?  Such species of small tortoises only live around twelve or fifteen years in nature. Whether those survivors have descendants alive in some Kazakh or Russian zoo I do not know! If anyone traces them, please let us know.

warm regards,  Keith.

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