[FPSPACE] Museum Exhibition runs into political (Russian) problems

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Sun Jul 26 08:59:07 EDT 2015

According to the Sunday Times (London), the upcoming space exploration
exhibition in London was seized by the British Museum in Kensington to stop
Yukos Oil from claiming it owns the materials, and seizing them...?!!?


So the Kensington Museum has temporarily invoked an obscure UK legal clause
to stop the dispute, and have claimed the materials as British property..


Article here (but there is more behind a paywall).




I find it completely shameful that the Russian government is so
inept/corrupt that it has a dispute with Yukos Oil about who owns national
Soviet-era space artefacts...these artefacts on loan to the Kensington
Museum belong to all Russians, especially the younger generations..


If anyone has the complete news story, please cut-and-paste it, and post it
here on the listserv, so everyone can read it in completeness.


Many thanks.

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