[FPSPACE] Was there an Apollo 12 SEVA (prior to actual EVAs)?

Robert Pearlman robert at collectspace.com
Fri Jul 24 20:05:23 EDT 2015

No, there wasn't a stand-up EVA on Apollo 12. 

The video's claim is based solely on an editing error in a 2006 NASA document, which the editor has since corrected.

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On Jul 24, 2015, at 6:58 PM, Peter Pesavento wrote:

> I came across this youtube video today.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGhHxGloFkI
> I ignored the gobbledygook that this Apollo 12 SEVA was classified information.
> It does mention the Apollo 15 SEVA also.
> After you watch it, please post your comments here.  Any further data on this?
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