[FPSPACE] Why photos from the Plutonian encounter have not appeared (like originally planned)

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Jul 20 04:06:41 EDT 2015

thanks, Peter, for this source.

     In a nutshell, it seems the New Horizons team intends to release
images weekly on Fridays. The delays are due to a mix of calibration
labours; ensuring that anything exciting gets notified in advance to the
NASA PR team; & the New Horizon's scientists fearing they might be
scooped by outsider scientists using the data images.  So one reason is
technical; a 2nd political in the sense of organization politics; a 3rd

    After having to wait a decade for the NH budget, & then another
decade for its journey, I'm sure a few months more wait is minor.

warmest, Keith.

>>> "Peter Pesavento"  07/19/15 10:46 PM >>>
Emily Lakdawalla has written about why there has been asevere dearth of
imagery being released from the New Horizons spacecraftmission.
It*s not because the imagery hasn*t been comingin from the spacecraft to
the ground.
It seems to be due to political decisions.  (When decisionsare being
made that are not due to technical issues*at least in my view*thenthey
are political ones.)

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