[FPSPACE] Here's a question (about Pluto photo down-transmits)

David M Harland dave.harland at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 18 20:12:50 EDT 2015

I think I read somewhere that they hope to send simultaneously on the 
prime and backup transmitters, to reduce the overall time.

At 00:57 19/07/2015, Allen Thomson wrote:

> > Is it going to take two months?  Perhaps two more weeks?  Longer?
>NASA says 16 months to get all the encounter data back. Presumably 
>some prioritization will be done, and I'd assume that the close 
>pictures would get preference.
>I've seen various assertions as to the data rate ranging between 
>1200 and 4000 kbps. Not fast at any rate. It is, after all, a 12 
>Watt transmitter beaming across four light-hours.
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