[FPSPACE] translation of that poem, & some thoughts

Bill Wheaton bill at wwheaton.com
Tue Feb 17 15:21:43 EST 2015

How very sad.

I am no great fan of any of our nationalisms, yet I must sympathize with 
those who yearn to be proud of their country.  We all need to love our 
communities, for all their faults.

For what it is worth, I am certain that those of us who look towards the 
expansion of earth life into the Solar System, and eventually out into 
the wider cosmos, will never forget the great contributions the USSR and 
Russia have made to the progress of our dream.

Sputnik was a giant step, a historic advance, and that can never be 
taken away from the Russian people.  Likewise the flights of Gagarin and 
Titov.  That these encouraged the US to drastically expand our own 
program may well have great and valuable consequences for the future, 
which cannot now be foreseen.

Many of us are very disappointed and worried about the slowness of our 
progress in the great program of human spaceflight, as about the current 
states of our individual societies, and of the world.

Yet I remain convinced that the only hope for us in the future is to 
remain focused on our common dream, as on our common interests.  The 
arguments in favor of space exploration are just as compelling as they 
were in the beginning, and the essential technical elements needed have 
advanced far in the past fifty years.  These advances will go on, 
regardless of the chaos introduced by human politics.

And, in our own lifetimes, we have seen the Solar System!

Please let us stand together to conquer it, "for all humankind".

Bill Wheaton

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