[FPSPACE] Report: Chinese ASAT test of July 2014 Successful, says Commander of US Space Command

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-chinese> Commander of Space Command Says Chinese Anti-Satellite Test Last
Year Was Successful

April 15, 2015

Chinese ASAT Test Was 'Successful:' Lt. Gen. Raymond 

Colin Clark

Breaking Defense

April 14, 2015

COLORADO SPRINGS: We've known for some time that China
<http://breakingdefense.com/tag/asat/> conducted an anti-satellite test July
23 last year, but we learned today that that test was "successful" even if
it didn't destroy anything.

China has successfully placed low earth orbit satellites at risk,
tenant-general-john-w-jay-raymond.aspx> Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay Raymond told
an overflow audience at the annual Warfighters Lunch at the Space Symposium
here. "Soon every satellite in every orbit will be able to be held at risk,"
the head of the 14th Air Force said.

China has claimed the test was for missile defense and noted that nothing
was destroyed in the test. Raymond clearly wanted to dispel that impression
and make certain everyone in the space community knew that China had
executed another ASAT test and that it had worked.

In other news, Raymond told the lunch that, for the first time, a foreign
military officer has been placed in command of US troops at the highly
classified Joint Space Operations Center, the nerve center of America's
military and spy satellites. (The NRO operates America's spy satellites, but
the JSPOC watches all.)

Until the last decade, foreign officers were not incorporated into most of
America's space facilities. Then we began bringing in Canadian, British and
Australian officers to Strategic Command and Air Force Space Command,
culminating in the appointment of a Canadian officer as head of a shift at
the JSPOC.

Raymond told me after the lunch that he didn't want to oversell the
importance of the move, but he did call it "significant." This is part of a
longer term commitment by the United States to work with allies on space
issues. Last year, Australia, Britain, Canada and United States signed a
symbolically important Memorandum of Understanding committing them to "a
partnership" on combined space operations. "We have got to
agreement/> develop the partnership with our allies. We can't do this


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