[FPSPACE] Vostochny update: "There are some problems, as we have reported to you"

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Apparently (not at the official meeting where I provide the explicit
quote/minutes of below, but prior to) the labor crisis at Vostochny was
discussed at a meeting that Putin had with Dmitry "Twitter" Rogozin and
Roscosmos head Igor Komarov.


Here is a cut-and-paste of the relevant section(s).  Please keep in mind
that politically embarrasing events are mentioned in a highly tangential
manner.  (Also, this meeting had hand-waving promises of sending cosmonauts
beyond Earth orbit sometime after 2024.  Far enough away to not be of any


But Rogozin claims he is in "daily contact" with Vostochny's construction
site director, yet currently the workers still have not yet received their
pay checks, or any back pay from over four months previous.  Perhaps Rogozin
believes that the Vostochny workers are of a special, robust type, and have
no need of paychecks to buy food, pay bills, etc., and can get by on the
fragrances of flowers alone (like the legendary Lotus Eaters of the medieval


Now Rogozin is claiming the work is behind schedule, and this clashes with
the reportage I highlighted here on fpspace of yesterday.  I wonder which
perception is more veracious..perhaps someone with more data and better
contacts than myself can explain what is happening at Vostochny, and why TMZ
isn't paying the workers, etc.


The URL link (in English):






Vladimir Putin: How is the work on the space launch centre progressing?

Dmitry Rogozin: The work is continuing and that is the main thing. I am in
daily contact with the construction site's director, Alexander Mordovets. I
spoke with him this morning at 9am. There are some problems, as we reported
to you. The work is still behind schedule at the moment. 

We will make proposals today for how to overcome this lag. Overall though,
there has been serious progress. The launch platform is already in place and
we have even started installing the technical equipment there now. The fire
ring is virtually ready. Overall, the work is going ahead and I think that
we will have it completed within the deadline. 

Vladimir Putin: We need to remember that this is a national project, one of
the country's biggest construction sites. I ask you to be very attentive in
your work.

You must keep to the deadlines. I know that deadlines have been missed. I
know too that there has been a positive trend of late and the pace has
picked up. You need to keep this trend going and make sure that all the
planned objectives are met.

When is the first launch planned?

Dmitry Rogozin: All infrastructure at the Vostochny Space Launch Centre
should be ready this year for the first launch of automatic satellites.
Everything should be ready by the end of this year. 

Vladimir Putin: Yes, I understand that this is when the facility will be
ready, but when will the first launch actually take place?

Dmitry Rogozin: We expect that it will be in December this year. 

Vladimir Putin: This is the plan?

Igor Komarov: Yes, this is our plan.

Vladimir Putin: Good, what will you launch? 

IgorKomarov: The Soyuz-2, carrying the Lomonosov satellite. This is the
satellite that one of our companies designed for Moscow State University. It
is being launched for research purposes. 

Vladimir Putin: How long will the ongoing work to equip the space launch
centre continue? What year will it finish? Will there be any problems in
carrying out launches while the construction work is still in process? 

Igor Komarov: This is an issue. We are working on getting the necessary
minimum into place for launches now. Given the problems that we have had,
some of the facilities will not be ready until 2016. The second stage of the
work involves development of crewed spacecraft. 

We want to use the [Vostochny] facility to carry out new projects involving
the promising new generation transport spacecraft and the new heavy Angara.
We want to do this at Vostochny, which we hope will become the face of our
space industry. 

Vladimir Putin: Heavy rockets are to be part of project there as it is. What
we need are super-heavy rockets. This is something you need to think about.

Igor Komarov: We are thinking about this. The proposal that we have made
will meet the needs of the lunar programme too. The super-heavy rocket
project will require financing of around 600 billion for developing and
preparing the spacecraft alone. 

We have decided to develop a third stage for the Angara, which will enable
us to reach the Moon's surface using the two-launch system, together with a
crewed spacecraft and cosmonauts and a lunar landing and take-off module. We
will spend only 60 billion on the rocket's design and development. 

Vladimir Putin: In general, you need to finally learn how to make good
efficient use of financial resources. 

Igor Komarov: Yes, this is a task to which we will certainly give our utmost





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