[FPSPACE] More on labor crisis at Vostochny

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Tue Apr 14 20:41:51 EDT 2015

Here's a more-detailed update on the Vostochny crisis.


Workers have not yet been paid.  In nearly five months.  So the workers
decided to do something dramatic on April 13.


The request for Putin's help is in large enough lettering to be read from
helicopters (and according to some Twitter tweets, from orbit), and is
painted in white paint on a number of roofs of buildings, etc. at the
construction site.  The people who have not been paid include metal
structure assembly persons, concrete pourers, welders, etc. Basically
everyone.  The management company TMK has apparently reneged on paying due
salaries, even though reports indicate that the construction milestones have
been met on time and with quality workmanship by the contractor "Spetstroy".


The message to Putin reads:


"V.V. Putin!  For more than four months we have been [working] without a
salary! Rescue the workers!  We wish to [complete/continue the] work!"


Not to trust it being seen by Rogozin and having him engage in any actions,
the workers also took digital pictures of these entreaties and sent them
directly to Putin (apparently via e-mail to the President's official
website?), and to the governors of Amur, and Primorye Territory.




According to this report, if I am reading it correctly, all the workers left
the work area, excepting 30 who are on guard duty.



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