[FPSPACE] Russian TV documentary claim: [the USA] has cluster of SIGINT satellites masquerading as "space junk"

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Here's the video of the TV news item: 


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Although the space documentary doesn’t state explicitly which nation has these satellites, it is fairly obvious that they mean the USA. No other nation has had the sufficient numerousness of launches to cover this alleged type of activity. 

But there is a confusing comment that has got me scratching my head, as it states below in a quote from the documentary, “… there are known cases when groups of potential enemy satellites formed against our satellites, above our territory…” Not certain what they are actually attempting to infer here. Are the Russians claiming that the USA has satellite groupings that “gang up” on Russian satellite constellations to negate their purposes, and do this over Russian territory? Unless I am way off base on this interpretation, I think the documentary has entered the “alternate reality” as much of what else is happening in Putin’s directly-controlled media at the moment…. 

Perhaps someone else has some insights as to what this quotation I mention above means, and clear up the meaning. 

But I should mention the following: Way back in the 1960s, National Geographic reported that there were US satellites called “spares” on orbit that would not be activated unless the primary satellites were either malfunctioning, or had ceased working. These “spares” would have already been put into orbit at an earlier time. Maybe this is what the documentary means by the idea of inactive satellites suddenly becoming active. 

>From Matthew Aid’s blog 


    1. Russia Says That It Has Detected New Cluster of Spy Satellites Over Russia Disguised as Space Junk 

April 12, 2015 

Russia detects spy satellites disguised as space junk, commander says 

The Japan Times 

April 12, 2015 

MOSCOW – Russia has detected a group of spy satellites operating above its territory disguised as space junk, the head of its space command said Sunday, according to the Interfax news agency. 

“Very recently, specialists from the Main Space Intelligence Center uncovered a newly created group of space satellites … made for radio-technical reconnaissance of equipment on Russian territory,” said Gen. Oleg Maidanovich, the commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces’ Space Command. He was speaking in a Russian television documentary. 

Space Command is a division of the military responsible for warning of missile and airstrikes. It also controls Russia’s defense satellites. 

Maidanovich declined to say which country or countries the satellites belonged to. 

He also said the Main Space Intelligence Center currently tracks more than 20,000 items in orbit and has troops monitoring them around the clock, according to Interfax. 

Russia operates an orbiting fleet of about 140 devices, Interfax quoted Maidanovich as saying. 

The film — called “Space Special Forces” — was shown on Defense Ministry channel Zvezda as Russia marked “Space Day,” commemorating the spaceflight of Yury Gagarin on April 12, 1961. 

The 40-minute movie is “dedicated to the war for space, the battles of spy satellites,” the channel’s website says, echoing the language of 1980s space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. 

“One talks of peaceful satellites, but there are known cases when groups of potential enemy satellites formed against our satellites, above our territory,” the film’s voice-over said. 

“There are cases when a space satellite pretends to be space junk for years and then wakes up and starts working at the right moment.” 

Russia ’s relations with the West are at their lowest point in post-Cold War history, although cooperation has so far continued in space, notably at the International Space Station. 

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