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Marco Langbroek marco.langbroek at online.nl
Mon Apr 13 13:50:10 EDT 2015

Peter Pesavento" <pjp961 at svol.net> wrote:

> Are the Russians claiming that the USA has satellite groupings that
> "gang up" on Russian satellite constellations to negate their purposes, and
> do this over Russian territory?   Unless I am way off base on this
> interpretation, I think the documentary has entered the "alternate reality"
> as much of what else is happening in Putin's directly-controlled media at
> the moment..

Well, there were MiTEx 1 and 2 (06-024A & B), and Prowler (90-097E):
But that is old stuff.

I wonder whether they are simply refering to NOSS (Naval Ocean Surveillance 
System) pairs. The second (and third, in the old generation) in each pair were 
often labeled "debris" in the US catalogue while clearly not debris but 
operational satellites. And they serve an ELINT purpose indeed,which seems to 
agree with what is said. But if the Russians really discovered this only 
recently (which I don't believe), then their space intel is in a very sorry state.

- Marco

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