[FPSPACE] Hunger Strikes at Vostochny resume

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Fri Apr 10 09:42:39 EDT 2015

Just to update everyone on the Vostochny situation.


The construction workers et. al. have once again gone on hunger strike,
according to Twitter communications, and there are additional mentions that
this is now being picked up by Russian media (however, I have not been able
to track down an actual Russian media report at the moment).


To put this in perspective:  Every time Putin and his inner circle of
advisors authorizes a "snap drill" of a segment (in some cases, multiple
segments at the same time) of the military in Russia (in an effort to
politically intimidate NATO/EU members), that eats a lot of money.  I have
seen estimates of everything from $200-$500 million USD equivalent per
event, to upwards as much as $1.2 billion USD equivalent for each and every
one of these exercises (the more equipment and troops involved, including
the coordination such as numerous jet fighter and bomber aircraft and in
addition to ballistic missiles, the more money expenditure).


That money has to come from somewheres.  Perhaps it is coming in some
percentage at the expense of the construction workers at Vostochny.  Which
also brings up the question: Where else in Russia is Rogozin not paying the
workers (and not yet being publicized by the Russian media)?

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