[FPSPACE] Hunger Strikes at Vostochny

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Sun Apr 5 10:13:16 EDT 2015


All is not well in Putin's Alternate Reality-land, usualy called by the
"outsiders" as the Russian Federation.


Workers/contractors at Vostochny have not been paid their wages apparently,
and have expressed their displeasure in several ways.  On Twitter, a number
of persons have been discussing that there have been hunger strikes (which
lasted 12 hours before being [temporarily ?] suspended) by workers until
they get paid their wages.  "Twitter" Rogozin (of trampoline, and bombing
attack threats against Poland, fame) visited and made promises that the
wages and unpaid debts would be "paid up" very soon, perhaps by April 10th,
according to some Twitter reports (more information in the news report link


However, some on Twitter have made statements that they doubt Rogozin's
promises, and that the hunger strikes will resume when workers realize that
Rogozin will not make good on what he stated.  (Indeed, Rogozin has already
left the region, and apparently is in Crimea, complaining about the state of
disrepair of the shipyards at Sevastopol, which were illegally annexed and
occupied by Putin-controlled Russian military units.)




Time will tell what will ultimately transpire in regards to Vostochny and
its workers.


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