[FPSPACE] 40th Anniversary of the "April 5 Anomaly"

Andrew LePage drew at drewexmachina.com
Sun Apr 5 07:34:28 EDT 2015

During the long history of crewed spaceflight, there have only been two 
mission-ending, in-flight launch aborts. The first one took place 40 
years ago today on April 5, 1975 during the flight popularly known in 
the West as "Soyuz 18A" but referred to simply as the "April 5 anomaly" 
by Soviet authorities. Meant to ferry a pair of cosmonauts to Salyut 4 
for a 60-day mission, the failure of "Soyuz 18A" cast a shadow over the 
joint Apollo-Soyuz mission scheduled for launch just over three months 


Drew LePage

Andrew J. LePage
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