[FPSPACE] List of unsubscribed members

David R. Woods drwoods at stny.rr.com
Wed Apr 1 19:00:31 EDT 2015


We had a massive system session of unsubscribes.  I panicked and thought 
somehow there was a glitch.  I did see two from members who I know are 
now deceased, but perhaps their families were continuing their 
accounts.  However there were others that I thought were still active 
participants although they may now be using newer, different e-mail 
accounts.   Our systems guy spotted it as well and asked if I had 
initiated it.  I had not and sent him a list of the notices that I had 
received up to that point.  All of them had the same time stamp but were 
coming in in batches and there have been more after that list.  The 
process seems to have finally gone to completion now.   Greg checked 
into it as you can see below and it appears that since we have switched 
over to the new bigger, better, faster software, it is doing what it 
should in the way of house keeping. Obviously those who have been 
unsubscribed will not see this message but it will go into the archives 
at http://lists.friends-partners.org/pipermail/fpspace so it can be seen 
there.  So if any of you are having problems please let me know and we 
will look into it.

Dave Woods
FPSpace Discussion Forum Administrator

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Subject: 	Re: List of unsubscribed members
Date: 	Mon, 30 Mar 2015 14:34:33 -0400
From: 	Greg
To: 	David R. Woods <drwoods at stny.rr.com>

Dave, I checked around and the system is actually doing what it is
supposed to (but never did on the old server) - once a month it
"housecleans" addresses that are no longer reachable (i.e., bouncing).
I wonder if some of the addresses you sent (below) have similar (but
not identical) versions that are working (because of slight/subtle
domain changes, etc.).

I see there is a new batch of "unsubscribes" that just came through
(and there are 45 more in the mail queue) so I'm wondering if you'll
want to look through those before I do the mass re-subscribe.   Also,
I've included below a listing of all the addresses that survived the
"cleanup".   Perhaps some house-cleaning is good (although I'm
sorry it happened without warning (we'll know that this will happen
again at end of April - but hopefully with far fewer addresses)).

Anyway, as soon as I hear from you, I'll mass re-subscribe whatever
list you end up sending (presumably with more addresses added to

Best wishes,


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