[FPSPACE] Soyuz TMA-14M solar panel fails to deploy

Chris Jones clj at panix.com
Thu Sep 25 22:19:36 EDT 2014

On 9/25/2014 8:46 PM, Geert Sassen wrote:
> Left (Port) array did not deploy as I understand from latest NASA
> statement. Everything else is working normally and first burns completed
> without problems.
> Soyuz T9 completed a normal mission and docking with only one panel, so
> it's not vital as long as no sensors and such are blocked by the failed
> panel.

Which apparently they weren't as Soyuz TMA-14M just completed it fast 
track rendezvous and docking.  I was watching to live feed of the 
docking, but don't recall seeing a good shot showing the undeployed 
solar panel.

> On 26-09-14 06:48, Peter Pesavento wrote:
>> Soyuz TMA-14M solar panel failed to deploy.  It did not specifically
>> state which one.

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