[FPSPACE] reflections on the great Boeing vs. SpaceX debate

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Sure. Depending on who you believe, SpaceX apparently has a business model that requires that it capture a large fraction of the total world launches in order to earn a profit. Some assert that it can only do this by relying on its NASA funding to artificially lower its commercial launch costs. Of course, it's hard to know one way or the other since SpaceX is neither traded nor transparent in dealing with the public.
BTW, I have nothing against maintaining a healthy stable of launch vehicles. I'm not convinced, however, that we need to fund Orion, CST-100, Dragon 2, and Soyuz - that is, four piloted vehicles - all at once. The most logical approach would be to develop an Earth-orbital Orion variant. I guess I figure if it worked for Apollo, it should work for Orion. I understand why experimenting with cost reduction methods can seem attractive. I don't see why we need to fund both Dragon 2 and CST-100, however. I'd treat what has happened so far in Commercial Crew as a contract bid and go for the more experienced contractor were it up to me. Does funding two contractors at this stage save money? 


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    I guess I do not under this statement of requiring world dominance. 
    I would appreciate it if you could clarify this position.  Thanks. 


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