[FPSPACE] Speaking of Atlas V

Chris Jones clj at panix.com
Sat Sep 20 22:41:26 EDT 2014

On 9/20/2014 9:08 PM, David Portree wrote:
> Are you reading what I write?

>                                I ignored what you wrote about historic
> Boeing cost overruns for the simple reason that those are not allowed to
> occur in the commercial crew contract. They are not relevant to this
> situation. Hence, they seem to be Boeing bashing, not anything connected
> with what I wrote.

I brought up the point about Boeing cost overruns to argue against your 
point that Boeing's cost estimates are to be considered accurate due to 
their greater experience in the field.  That was an argument you made, 
so I'm sorry I was misled by your bringing it up into thinking it was 
relevant, but it most assuredly WAS connected with something you wrote 
(see, I'm reading what you write).

> Boeing met its milestones

I'm assuming you mean the PDR and CDR.  If so, that is true.

>                             and came in with what is probably a realistic
> bid for the next phase.

That's TBD.

?                              It's more than SpaceX bid, but then 
Boeing has
> been in the business longerso presumably has a better idea about how to
> estimate what it needs to deliver what it has promised.

The first part is true, the second is TBD, though I was giving examples 
of why one might reasonably be skeptical.

> Now you are telling me that cost doesn't matter, and misquoting me when
> you say I said cost doesn't matter

WHERE did I say you said cost doesn't matter?  What I SAID (OK, wrote) 
was that cost wasn't the driving factor in this effort, it was the 
desire for a home-grown way of getting people into orbit.  I thought I 
was agreeing with a point you had made; pardon me for misunderstanding 
you.  It WAS what the contract award gave as the reason for the project.

>                                         - that it's all about having a
> home-grown space station ferry capability. That's another disingenuous
> way of responding to what I write, I guess.

"Driving force" != "all about".  I feel like I'm being misquoted, you're 
not reading what I write, and you're being disingenuous, so I guess I 
can empathize with you.

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