[FPSPACE] Speaking of Atlas V

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at telenet.be
Sat Sep 20 14:29:17 EDT 2014

Chris Jones wrote:
> Now this I would arguing with a straw man.  As you say, the driving
> force behind this contract is not cost, but the desire for a US
> capability to launch crews into orbit.  Saying that NASA's cost
> estimates are optimistic doesn't sound like an attack on SpaceX to me.
> Why don't you consider it equally (or, given the contract sizes, more)
> an anti-Boeing conspiracy?
I am not a Boeing bashing man, as I am not a whatever bashing man.
I can only ask one question: which American space company didn't have 
cost overruns in let's say the last 30 years?
I just suppose it is general accepted policy when you are competing for 
a big contract and you get as low as you can without being ridiculous.,
Well, that is not my way, but again who am I?
The only thing I can see right now is the fact we will still be 
dependant on Russian engines for some years to come Russian-Ukrainian 
situation or not.
That is the bottom line our politicians brought us into. They can tings 
proud of their achievement!
But they don't really care.
Perception and maybe selfies that's all what they care about.
I am fed up with it.


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