[FPSPACE] Speaking of Atlas V

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Apologies if I wasn't clear - you've entirely missed my point. 
Boeing has, by virtue of decades of experience, a realistic sense of what it takes to build, test, and operate a piloted spacecraft. So, the bid they have to live up to is probably closer to reality than the one SpaceX has to live up to. 
Did you see that the NASA OIG says commercial space will be more costly than relying on the Russians and that NASA hasn't budgeted for it? It's part of the report on extending ISS use to 2024. There's no question that we need a home-grown station ferry capability, but the old saw that "commercial" space is bound to be cheaper due to magic (or something) is coming under assault even from NASA's internal watchdog. I guess that they are part of the anti-SpaceX conspiracy. 

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> On 9/18/2014 9:23 AM, David Portree wrote:
> > I think because Boeing is being realistic about what is required to
> > develop, certify, and fly a new piloted spacecraft. SpaceX, not so much.
> Have you LOOKED at Boeing's history of being realistic in their cost 
> estimates?  There's the Dreamliner, the USAF tanker project, ISS 
> modules, all with multi-hundred million or billions of dollars of cost 
> overruns (and that was just the first page of my Google search).  Your 
> faith in Boeing is touching, but touting their realistic cost estimates 
> weakens your argument, in my opinion.
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