[FPSPACE] Oleg Ivanovsky (1922-2014)

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Fri Sep 19 01:01:32 EDT 2014

Oleg Ivanovsky has died. He passed away yesterday (September 18, 2014) in 
Moscow. FPSpace members will remember him as the "lead designer" of 
Vostok under Sergey Korolev and the man who closed the hatch on Yuri 
Gagarin in 1961. He was later a Deputy Chief Designer (from 1965) and 
then Chief Designer (from 1976) at Lavochkin directing the development 
of deep space probes.

Here's the (Russian language) link at the Lavochkin website:


The link at Roskosmos as pictures of him on April 12, 1961:

Новости Роскосмоса. Ушел из жизни Олег Генрихович Ивановский

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