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While we're in this area...

Way back in the day, before the "LK" seen in the background was haphazardly transported from the Korolev College to its' new home in the Energia Training Museum, the "rear hatch" allowing access to the Instrument/Avionics Bay was sometimes open, allowing curious visitors a unique photographic opportunity. To date, I have only been able to find five such photographs, but I'm hoping someone in this list might have additional views. If so, I would greatly appreciate studying them. 

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It's not what's in this bay that interests me, but rather the interior construction of this part of the LK. 

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      Check out the following web site.  
      It appears to be inside the Energia Training Museum, which      is different from the other Energia museum that features, among      other artifacts, Gagarin's Vostok capsule.. In this web site there      is a picture of a newly added Descent Module/Instrument Module      stack next to the LK manned lunar lander.       http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2l03fHDMBFI/U-kSXxTIRHI/AAAAAAAADpg/yD86jphq9TY/s1600/IMG_2682.jpg.        That combination has a blue cone on top of the Descent Module that      resembles a Zond spacecraft.  The Instrument Module has a thermal      radiator, like a Soyuz or a Zond.  
      The manned LOK lunar orbiter did not have that cone on top nor      this type of radiator on the sides, so one might conclude that it      is a Zond Descent Module.  The ninth picture down appears to be a      view into the Descent Module http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BkaY-IU1x4E/U-kVxG5ixOI/AAAAAAAADqo/uLpzwCwlF2w/s1600/IMG_2619.jpg.       The two instrument panels that can be seen are definitely LOK and      not Soyuz nor Zond panels.  So it appears that this is a      mix-and-match combination of modules like we have seen elsewhere.       
      In the Roscosmos TV documentary http:/tvroscosmos.ru/frm/vestidata/2011/vesti30_07_11_2.php       at the 1:38 minute/sec mark there is a row of Descent Modules in      that museum, lined up against the wall.  If you look at the      closest one of these you will see that the instrument panels      visible through the hatch are not that of a Soyuz nor a Zond, so      it too may be LOK related.
      Therefore, in addition to the LK there appear to be LOK components      as well on display.  It appears from the interior picture that,      like the LK, this may be a simplified, stripped down version      without all of the normal associated hardware.  Nevertheless, it      would certainly be interesting to pay a visit to the museum for a      closer examination of these and any new artifacts that may have      been added recently <hint, hint for anyone who might have an      opportunity to do so>.

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