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You go, Zeger!

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> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:30:15 +0200
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> Subject: Speaking of Atlas V
> Well, that's reassuring.
> Shuttle Columbia went down Feb 1st 2003.
> That's 11 years ago. What did they do after that?
> Don't tell me there wasn't enough time to put another system together to get at least to the ISS (let's forget about Mars or asteroids)
> So now we have to rely on Russian engines to get our people to the ISS. And that for at least a few years to come.
> The American space community can be really proud of that!
> And even if Russia invaded Ukraine (I don't think so) we will still be dependant on Russian engines.
> It is just so disgusting. Why didn't they let the shuttle fly for a few more years (1 or 2 flights a year).
> Because there was no money? Come on.
> The US space community got themselves in the predicament they are in now, so no mercy.
> I am very sorry about this.
> Zeger
> Marc Boucher wrote:
> > We may never find out. It depends on what documents get released. You can
> > rest assured as soon as we have them they'll be posted to NASA Watch.
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