[FPSPACE] Speaking of Atlas V

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at telenet.be
Thu Sep 18 11:30:15 EDT 2014

Well, that's reassuring.
Shuttle Columbia went down Feb 1st 2003.
That's 11 years ago. What did they do after that?
Don't tell me there wasn't enough time to put another system together to get at least to the ISS (let's forget about Mars or asteroids)
So now we have to rely on Russian engines to get our people to the ISS. And that for at least a few years to come.
The American space community can be really proud of that!
And even if Russia invaded Ukraine (I don't think so) we will still be dependant on Russian engines.
It is just so disgusting. Why didn't they let the shuttle fly for a few more years (1 or 2 flights a year).
Because there was no money? Come on.
The US space community got themselves in the predicament they are in now, so no mercy.
I am very sorry about this.


Marc Boucher wrote:

> We may never find out. It depends on what documents get released. You can
> rest assured as soon as we have them they'll be posted to NASA Watch.

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