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There's this "national security archive" in DC that keeps putting out press materials to the effect that they are "revealing" secrets of the space age. The first one I caught was their bogus revelations about Project Horizon, which they said were based on recently released information. They put that PR out for the Apollo 11 anniversary in July. I suppose on a cosmic scale 1970s is recent. Perhaps if they would cease to make these claims the mainstream media, never very good at checking facts, would not publish drivel of this type.  Of course, that would mean this archive would not receive much attention.

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really new in this article.  Kidnaping the Luna 3 display, plans for 
nuclear explosions on the Moon, by both the US and USSR, 
these are well known Space Race items within the space history 
community.  If they wanted some fun, I guess they could have mentioned how 
Carl Sagan nearly got his nickers in a jam by once citing a classified document 
he helped author regarding the earlier nuke the moon idea.
And I object to the illustration showing Gagarin and others looking at some 
photos.  the caption reads “first pictures of the Moon taken by Luna 1 in 
1961”.  Three mistakes with one sentence!  Gagarin and company are 
probably looking at Luna 9 surface panoramas.
Robert Reeves


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