[FPSPACE] Pam Am flights to the Moon

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Wed Sep 3 07:23:23 EDT 2014

     The wikipedia entry on Pam Am claims:
"In August 1964 Pan Am accepted the reservation of Gerhart Pistor, journalist from Vienna, Austria, as the No. 1 for future flights to the moon. He paid a deposit of 20 US $. About 93.000 people followed on the Pan Am waiting list, called "First Moon Flights Club". Pan Am expected the flight to depart about the year 2000."
     This is over one million dollars in deposits. Did that vanish into Pam Am's bankruptcy proceedings? Or did the disillusioned wannabe space passengers ever get their deposits refunded? 
   Did Pan Am ever formally abandon its hopes of Moon flights before going out of business?
- Keith
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