[FPSPACE] two happy birthdays to the Skylon team!

Keith Gottschalk kgottschalk at uwc.ac.za
Mon Sep 1 07:15:44 EDT 2014

Dear Friends,
    Alan Bond, leader of the Skylon team, celebrates his seventieth birthday this year. Five years beyond the time when most retire, he soldiers on to lead the team which strives to create the world's first truly RLV.
    This year is also the eightieth birthday of John Scott-Scott, another veteran of Skylon. While he formally retired from Reaction Engines when he turned 77 years old, we know that he continues to cheer on the Skylon team. Both of them committed decades of their professional lives to realizing the RLV vision as a service to the space community and humanity. In some past years, this was out of their own pocket, funded from their day jobs.
     Reaction Engines has created a website, complete with animations, which is a model of both marketing and public outreach. No doubt it also created its wikipedia entry, to which similar complements apply!
    From all of us at Friends & Partners in Space, may Alan & John enjoy years more of vigour & good health to successfully complete the engineering, funding, and bureaucratic hurdles to RLV victory. Of these, the bureaucratic - ie ESA - hurdles may be the toughest.
Keith Gottschalk.
South Africa. FBIS.
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