[FPSPACE] Here's a question

Zeger Nuyens dokter.nuyens at telenet.be
Fri Nov 14 18:54:30 EST 2014

Chris Jones wrote:

> Two things: the US didn't "pretend" to do so, it did, and is planning to
> do so again.
> And, what about Hermes?  If that doesn't qualify as the ESA pretendinit would fly people into space, what was it?

Talking about Belgium (not EU or ESA) we are too small a country to have 
that kind of capacity.
Now talking about the US,isn't it the country that abandoned a means of 
transportation to the ISS  back in 2003 and went all out to get a new 
and better one to be ready when the shuttle was (finally) phased out in 
2010 (well you got a few extra years)? But even 12 years was not enough 
it seems.
Getting rid of one system before having another one ready,well...
Depending on other people's rockets to get your people up there is not 
an example of sound judgment especially when political situations change 
over time.

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