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You are of course right, I was being ironic. 


But to be more serious, is it also the first ever space programme to be “privatised”, in the sense that any launch needs a paying stakeholder (with the ISS programme countries, the military and space tourists etc all counting as such) ? If so it has been a very instructive controlled experiment on who is really prepared to pay for space, and what they will pay for, and what they won’t.




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Not a valid analogy, Nick. 


Aside from the respectable Spektr and Integral observatories, Russia's beyond-LEO space program has been reduced by design, and when missions were attempted, has failed utterly due to lost capabilities. Rosy predictions in recent years have all been delayed, they can't even launch an upgraded FGB-class module to the ISS. Regular replacements of program heads by "another general" to enforce discipline and quality have apparently had little effect. We miss them, this is not a healthy situation for world cosmonautics. 



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I am afraid you are reminding me of how Henry Spencer use to have something like 1969-72: 12 moon landings, 1973-, nothing, as a footer --- leading someone else to point out the similarly striking recent absence of Elvis movies … ;-)




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I was thinking about that with respect to landers recently.  Zero successful landings since the Soviet era.  (Not many attempts that I am aware of: Fobos-Grunt fairly recently; Mars-8 had a lander part, but that would have been during the Yeltsin years.)


I hadn't looked at orbiters or flybys.  Doesn't look like there's been much activity there either, though there seem to be a few planned missions on the books...


Wikipedia has a great habit of putting together the most improbable lists.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Solar_System_probes may be worth browsing for you! 



--Christopher Gorski




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I was thinking about this the other day….


Since Vladimir Putin has come to power (following the exit of Boris Yeltsin), how many Russian planetary, or interplanetary missions have been successfully executed?


Does anyone know?


Thought I would ask.

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