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Anatoly Zak agzak at optonline.net
Fri Nov 14 10:32:45 EST 2014

Peter, ³I will bite,² since it is an easy question: Russia lost Phobos-Grunt
in 2011, but successfully launched Mars Express and Venus Express for ESA in
mid 2000s. They also launched Integral and Spektr-R astrophysics satellites
which are deep-space missions in some respects.

Anatoly Zak

On 11/14/14 10:22 AM, "Peter Pesavento" <pjp961 at svol.net> wrote:

> I was thinking about this the other dayŠ.
> Since Vladimir Putin has come to power (following the exit of Boris Yeltsin),
> how many Russian planetary, or interplanetary missions have been successfully
> executed?
> Does anyone know?
> Thought I would ask.
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