[FPSPACE] Bounce action notification

David R. Woods drwoods at stny.rr.com
Mon Nov 3 16:58:02 EST 2014


We have experienced a lot of Bounce Notifications which means that the 
server has made multiple attempts to deliver postings to the list 
membership and those attempts have failed.  When too many bounces occur, 
the member account is blocked and those accounts receive a notice to 
that effect.  Greg, our system administrator is aware of the problem, 
but in the meantime, I have gone in and unblocked every account, 
including those associated with this current problem, as well as 
previous ones (no longer active, etc.). That is a temporary solution.  
If the bounces do not resume, then we have "fixed" the problem.  I will 
watch as see what happens.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


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Subject: 	Re: Bounce action notification
Date: 	Mon, 3 Nov 2014 09:27:54 -0500
From: 	Greg
To: 	David Woods <drwoods at stny.rr.com>

David, I?m not sure what this is but I just deleted about 200 bounce 
notifications this morning
- seems to have started yesterday/last night.  I just restarted the mail 
server and hope that
fixes it (but I fear you will have to unblock manually).    I think this 
is typical flakiness of the
macosx server that I?m running F&P on.  I meant to move the server to a 
freebsd system
over the summer but never got to it - will try again over Christmas 
break.  Sorry for the
troubles - let me know if it continues beyond noon or so today.   
Thanks, Greg

> On Nov 3, 2014, at 9:19 AM, David R. Woods <drwoods at stny.rr.com 
> <mailto:drwoods at stny.rr.com>> wrote:
> Greg,
> I am seeing a ton of Bounce Notifications, where FPSpace member's 
> accounts are being blocked.  I assume that I will have to go in and 
> manually unblock them individually, but in the meantime, can you see 
> what is going on and perhaps fix it?  Thanks in advance.
> Dave
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