[FPSPACE] Spaceflight is a dangerous business

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A one-way ticket to Mars is not in itself a stupid idea, if you agree that

has in fact business to do on the Red Planet.


Of course there are a few preconditions. The first one is that return journeys

are on the drawing board, such that the one-way ticket could optionally be 

labelled an open return ticket. and that regular deliveries of cargo are 

guaranteed in the meantime.


The other precondition in my view is that the concept is tested on the Moon

first. What is to hinder a Moon base being staffed and supported in exactly

the same way? 


Whether on Mars or on the Moon the open return ticket enables manned

presence to materialize several years earlier than would otherwise happen,

and likely at lower rather than higher risk to the participants. 



Jens Kieffer-Olsen

Slagelse, Denmark



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It's a shame us stay-at-homes couldn't club together and nominate someone for a
one-way trip into deep space... and they then *had* to go!

At 16:45 01/11/2014, Dominic Phelan wrote:

Yes David, the Mars 'one-way' show everyone is signing-up to has a more 'Mars
Underground' feel to it. I'm pretty sure none of them are expecting it to
happen any time soon!


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Yes! That is exactly correct. And it's not only celebrities who are naive. All
these people who want to go one-way to Mars - yikes! (Tho I have to say in that
case that I think - or perhaps vainly hope - that most who have signed up have
done so not because they really think that they can go to live on Mars right
now, but rather as a way of proclaiming their support for our future off the


David S. F. Portree
author and stuff

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