[FPSPACE] Suggestion to add Michael Alsbury's name to Astronauts Memorial

jameseoberg at comcast.net jameseoberg at comcast.net
Sun Nov 2 23:51:00 EST 2014

I've posted this to the Astronauts Memorial Foundation 'Facebook' page, it seems to be awaiting moderator approval. 

Please consider Michael Alsbury for addition to your space mirror display of names. He lost his life in testing a real manned space vehicle designed for certifiable space flight. It wasn't a government-funded space flight project but many believe it represents the future of wider human access to suborbital and orbital flight, and your generosity and inclusiveness would pay tribute to those hopes, and to this man's last full measure of devotion to them, as well. Here's your chance to drive the national agenda on opening the space frontier, by getting ahead of any controversial fuss over definitions, and honoring this man and the movement he has come to represent. Ad astra per aspera!! 

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